he Well being Advantages of Collagen & Find out how to Add Extra to Your Weight-reduction plan

Most of us don’t consider jello as a “well being meals”… however there’s one other aspect to gelatin that’s value figuring out about! And it has to do with collagen.

what’s collagen?

Gelatin is a flavorless powder derived from the collagen present in animal bones. (Collagen is a protein that’s one of many main constructing blocks of bones, muscular tissues, tendons, ligaments, and pores and skin.)

It’s excessive in protein and amino acids, and has quite a few well being advantages, most notably for pores and skin, hair, digestion and joint well being.

For 1000’s of years, collagen was a part of the human food plan, by way of bone broths and animal elements we now not eat a lot of (suppose ox tail, head cheese). At the moment, most individuals aren’t getting sufficient (if any) collagen in our food plan.

learn how to add extra collagen to your food plan

Fortuitously, as a tasteless powder, it’s simple so as to add collagen into meals we’re already consuming. It’s additionally simply accessible on-line and at pure meals shops—simply you’ll want to search for collagen sourced from sustainably and humanely raised animals.

There are a pair sorts of collagen merchandise to notice the distinction between:

  • Gelatin dissolves greatest right into a heat liquid. Additionally, because the liquid cools it’s going to gel.
  • Collagen hydrolysate (or “collagen peptides”) dissolves into heat or chilly liquids and doesn’t trigger the liquid to gel, so might be added to any recipe with out altering its texture.

Each types of collagen are primarily the identical nutritionally, however collagen hydrolysate (additionally referred to as “collagen peptides”) is handled with enzymes to interrupt down the bonds between amino acids, leading to a product that’s simpler to digest, and thus even higher for individuals with digestive issues. So, collagen hydrolysate (or peptides) is the choice usually utilized in collagen supplementation.

collagen’s (many!) well being advantages

Right here’s a more in-depth have a look at a few of collagen’s many well being advantages all through the physique:

pores and skin well being

As a wealthy supply of dietary collagen, each gelatin and collagen hydrolysate assist construct and strengthen the connective tissues that give pores and skin its firmness and elasticity. This helps cut back wrinkles (attributable to collagen depletion by way of ageing), stretch marks, and even cellulite (which is attributable to a breakdown of collagen). Equally, collagen strengthens our nails, tooth and hair.


Not solely does collagen support digestion and promote nutrient assimilation, however it additionally strengthens and heals the intestine lining, a key remedy for leaky intestine syndrome—the offender behind many meals allergic reactions and intolerances. Collagen additionally helps regulate metabolism and insulin sensitivity, which aids in weight reduction (or sustaining optimum weight).

bones & joints

Collagen has lengthy been recognized to assist joint well being, and is commonly added to dietary supplements to deal with arthritis. (Over time, collagen does contribute to therapeutic, however the instant reduction seen is definitely resulting from its anti-inflammatory properties.)

the very best sources of collagen

Since collagen is a element of animal connective tissue, it’s by default non-vegan. Although most collagen merchandise are usually sourced from beef bones, pescatarians can select marine collagen, which is sourced from fish scales (yum!).

As with every different animal product, simply you’ll want to select sustainably and ethically produced collagen.

how a lot collagen ought to i eat?

The quantity of collagen you need to intention to complement in your food plan will range based mostly in your private well being targets and what else you’re consuming—for instance, for those who eat loads of collagen-containing animal merchandise repeatedly, you wouldn’t must complement with as a lot. However, most adults can fairly intention for 10-30 grams each day. (For reference, that’s about one scoop of Important Proteins.)

simple & wholesome collagen recipes

Listed here are a couple of of our favourite, easy methods so as to add extra collagen into your each day food plan:

collagen peptide espresso

One of many best methods so as to add extra collagen into your each day food plan is so as to add a scoop to your morning espresso—it’s tasteless and dissolves simply, so doesn’t have an effect on the feel or taste. We love including a scoop of collagen peptides to our bulletproof espresso!

collagen-boosted smoothie

Add a scoop of collagen peptides to a smoothie. Listed here are our favourite wholesome (veggie-packed!) inexperienced smoothie recipes.

thicken stews with gelatin

Add a scoop or two of gelatin to a pot of stew to thicken it.

gooey oatmeal

This one’s a bit of totally different, however we like it! Add a tablespoon of gelatin to a bowl of sizzling oatmeal and stir. The gelatin will give the oatmeal a delicate gooey texture! We additionally add floor flaxseed, walnuts and maple syrup.

gummy snacks

These are mainly more healthy variations of jello: protein-packed entire meals snacks which might be simple power boosts on-the-go. A few of our favourite combos: strawberry lemon kombucha gummies & creamy mango mint gummies.

wholesome(er) desserts

A collagen-boosted dessert recipe?! Attempt tapioca pudding or no-bake cookie dough balls.


Can you see how important collagen is now? Please watch your health through the method I guided you from today.

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